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Xingying Netting Makes You and Your Customer Happy


In 1998, Anping County Wennian Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. founded in Shandong Province, China. At the beginning, it didn't have a target and manufactured anything which made profit. As its development, our manager decided to focus on producing bird netting, hail netting and trellis netting which are specially served to farmers and orchardists.

Since bird netting was listed as our main product, annual turnover has significantly increased. There are roughly three reasons. First, quality has been greatly improved. Our technicians have enough time to develop new types and make modifications according to customers' requirements. Second, concentration on producing bird netting makes us clear about the detailed requirements on the international market. It is for this reason that we have developed hail netting and trellis netting. We all hold this view that if you put your limited energy into a product, your business will be better.

Why choose us as your supplier?

  • Your requirement is just we do.
    We are so familiar with the market and your problems of bird control. So it is easy for us to help you resolve any problem related birds attacking.

  • First class quality satisfies your customers.
    Quality is our first guarantee. We deeply know that inferior bird net in lower price is not the real thing you need and your customer need.

  • Various bird nettings already for your choice.
    Bird nettings of extruded, knotless and knotted are available.

  • Short delivery time.
    Skilled workers, advanced equipment ensure mass production.

If you have any problem with bird problem, please kindly contact us immediately. We will response you in 6 hours.

There is a large piece of bird netting over a lake for fishes protection, and we can offer various types for choice, such as knotted netting, knotless netting with square mesh or diamond mesh.