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Butterfly Protection Net Ensures You a Clean Leaf Without Bites


Have you grown cabbages, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, swede and turnips in your garden? Have you found holes on the leaves? Have you noticed cabbage white butterflies fly around these brassicas before you find caterpillars? The answer will be YES! Anti-butterfly netting is the right product of dealing with bites problem on leaves.

Why you need a butterfly net to protect your brassicas?

Cabbage white butterfly is the initiator of causing damage to cabbages and other brassicas. It lays eggs on the plants. Later the eggs hatch into larvae which live on eating leaves. As larvae grow, it becomes caterpillar which feed more. At the same time, caterpillars produce granular deposits which make the plants begin to rot or spoiled.

A cabbage white caterpillar is eating a green leaf.

BPN-1: Small cabbage white caterpillar.

Butterfly protection netting as a barrier of cabbage white butterfly.

BPN-2: A white butterfly net protects plants from cabbage white butterfly.

Black butterfly protection netting in a man's hand.

BPN-3: Cabbage white butterfly netting.

Black butterfly protection netting prevents white butterfly from vegetables.

BPN-4: Butterfly netting for vegetable protection.

Butterfly protection net belongs to a physical barrier which separates butterfly from plants. Our butterfly net is a strong, lightweight, extruded polyethylene netting with a 7 mm × 7 mm mesh. Such small mesh opening not only keeps butterfly out but also small birds. Lightweight makes it possible to lay the net directly on the vegetables. If the crops need pollinating, remove this netting before flowering.

Cabbage White Butterfly Netting specs:

  • Mesh size: 7 mm × 7 mm;
  • Roll size: 10' × 10', 14' × 25', 20' × 20', 50' × 50' or bespoke size;
  • Color: Black, white and green;

The popular products size and use

  • 7 mm × 7 mm 14 ft. × 25 ft. cabbage white butterfly netting white and green color.
  • 7 mm × 7 mm 50 ft. × 50 ft. Black cabbage butterfly netting.
Black butterfly protection netting for green fruit covering and a hand behind it.

BPN-5: Butterfly netting for fruit protection.

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