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Hail Netting Makes Your Orchard and Crops Safe


Hail storm will cause a catastrophe to crops, fruit trees and your orchard. It can destroy the plants in a few minutes. Hence, hail netting is a necessary for farmers and owners of orchard where hail frequently attack. It is fabricated by found filament HDPE knitted into 7 mm and 10 mm diamond and square mesh. Reinforced eyelets, selvedge sledge and centerline are designed for adding extra strength. Anti hail netting is versatile and economical netting. It can be used as shade cloth and bird netting.

Knitted hail netting prevent hail stone entrance.

HLN-1: Knitted hail netting in white color.

Knitted hail netting for fruit trees protecting from hail.

HLN-2: Knitted hail netting for fruit trees.

Hail netting protects fruit tress during storm and hail.

HLN-3: Hail netting blocks hails out.

Hail netting protects apples trees.

HLN-4: Hail netting blocks hails and pest insects.

Benefits of hail netting:

  • Easily cut to any custom size.
  • Lightweight needs less support poles.
  • Mesh sizes can be customized.
  • Available as fruit netting, anti bird netting and pond netting and shade netting.

The popular products size and use

  1. 22 ft. × 45 ft. and 50 ft. × 50 ft. hail net coated against UV rays protects for garden.
  2. Knitted hail netting 32 ft. × 5 ft., 16 ft. × 4 ft., 8 ft. × 4 ft. to cover PVC hoops in garden.
  3. 15 ft. × 28 ft. hail netting to cover hoop frame raised beds in garden.
Anti hail netting over fruit trees and crops to keep hails, pest birds out.

HLN-5: Anti-hail netting has multiple purposes.

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