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Fruit Tree Netting Promises Big Delicious Fruits

White fruit cage netting supported by frames covers a berry tree in case of bird pecking.

FCN-1: White fruit cage netting covering a fruit tree.

Fruit cage netting is the friend to fruit trees. It is a qualified guard to block pest birds, rabbits, pigeons, large butterflies and fruit flies out. Our cage netting is made of UV stabilized and high strength polyethylene. Knotless and extruded bird netting are nice choices. Extruded netting is relatively cheap and light in weight.

Fruit tree netting is available in various mesh sizes including 1/2" and 3/4". Both meshes can block most birds out. If you want to prevent butterflies, 7 mm × 7 mm will be better. Overall mesh sizes can be 25', 50', 80' and 100' widths and 50', 80' and 100' lengths. Special sizes are custom.

Tree netting comes in white, black or green, which is better?

White is prone the most effective color for it is apparently different from the surroundings. Birds will fly away when they see such a foreign thing over the tree. However, some people prefer black or green for aesthetic reasons. So we also provide green and black bird netting.

Tips for using fruit cage netting

  • Prune the fruit tree.
    Volume of pruned tree is smaller and shorter. That will make it easy to spread the netting over the top of the tree. At the same time, cost is saved for smaller quantity netting used.

  • Wrap branches.
    Some fruit trees are too large to cover its whole body. Then you can cut bird netting into small pieces and wrap the branches where fruits are born.

  • Prevent the net tearing.
    Make sure the fruit cage netting is high enough to leave space for young shoots which will grow. If the net is too close to the tree, the branch will tear the net and birds will come in.

Bid red nectarines wrapped by mesh exclusion bags to keep birds and flies out.

FCN-2: Fruit fly exclusion bag.

Grey color fruit cage netting bag for peach protection from birds.

FCN-3: Fruit cage netting for peach.

Plastic fruit cage netting bag for carambola protection from birds.

FCN-4: Fruit cage netting for carambola.

The popular products size and use

  1. Fruit cage netting in 50 ft. × 50 ft., 60 ft. × 60 ft., 80 ft. × 80 ft., and 100 ft. × 100 ft., 1/2 inch mesh.
  2. White fruit cage netting in the 1/2 inch size with the dimensions of 80 ft. by 80 ft. for cherry trees.

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