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Tips for Choosing The Right Bird Netting for Special Purpose


Anti bird netting has a large family. Materials of bird exclusion netting can be polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon. Mesh openings are available in various sizes to match different purposes. White, black and green colors give you multiple choices.

With so many types, maybe you have got confused about choosing the right netting. Overbuying is very frequently found among gardeners or farmers who use bird nets for the first time. To avoid wasting your money and maximizing the function of the net, here is a short guide of selecting bird netting. If you can't find you answer in the text, please contact us for experienced advice.

Types of bird nettings

  1. Extruded netting
    Extruded netting is made from polypropylene with UV stabilizer. It is flexible and tough. Lightweight makes it need less supports or even directly cover on the plants. Compared with other bird exclusion nettings, it is quite an economical alternative to entry-level usages. This kind netting is optimum choice for gardening, excluding cabbage white butterfly and protecting your fish.

  2. Knotless Netting
    Knotless netting is a kind of knitted polyethylene net. Generally speaking, it is much stronger than extruded one while cost a little more.

  3. Knotted Netting
    Knotted netting is often fabricated by high density polyethylene and nylon. Knotted structure adds extra strength and durability. This type netting is frequently used in commercial areas such as office building, school courts and so on.

Bird net sizes and applications
Mesh Size Birds to be blocked out
1/2" or smaller Butterfly, all birds
3/4" Sparrows, swallows and most birds
1-1/8" Starlings, blackbirds
2" Pigeons, crows
4" Gull

Broadly speaking, 1/2" or 3/4" or smaller mesh opening could keep most birds out. They are always used in gardens or agriculture to protect fruits, vegetables and crops from pest birds. Large mesh is employed as barrier of entrance buildings or public areas.

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