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Why You Need a Bird Netting To Control Pest Birds?


Birds have caused a lot of problems to human being. In harvest season, they peck on your strawberries, tomatoes, crops, vegetables, fruits. Please don't harvest their potentiality to damage your plants. If you leave your ripe plants exposed to the birds, maybe you would harvest nothing at last.

People have figured out many methods to deal with pest birds. There are roughly two types - one is designed to cut birds' off permanently, the other is just to keep birds out without hurting. Pesticides and aroma repellants belongs to the former, while anti bird netting is the last one.

One problem should be noticed that good birds which help to pollinate your crops and eat insects would be kept out at the same time. In addition, the absence of birds, bugs will increase instead.

Birds carrying diseases will infect human being by droppings

It is proven that birds often give illnesses when dropping contacting with people's skin. For example, pigeon is the popular disease carrier. Flu, paratyphoid, and Lyme-disease are very frequently discovered.

Guard Your Harvest

Birds are shrew thieves. They specially feed on juicy, sweet and ripe fruits. Perhaps you have employed dummy to scare birds away. Soon, however, the birds will discover the tricky and will munch the fruits totally neglecting the dummy. Bird netting seems as a physical barrier to separate the fruits from birds. Small mesh size makes the birds out of reach their foods.

Environment-friendly and humane netting to control birds

Bird netting covering over the plants just keeps birds out without damage to them at all. So don't worry about hurting the birds which law doesn't permit. Our bird nettings have different mesh openings to suit different purposes. For example, the open area like Public Square will use 2" or 1-1/2" to keep their frequent visitor - pigeon outside.

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