Nylon bird netting

Nylon bird netting has a better durability and higher break strength, it's often used as strong barriers of buildings, offices and open airs to block birds and also can be installed for fruit tree protection.

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Hail netting

Hail netting is necessary for farmers and owners of orchard where hail frequently attack to prevent the damage of hails, pests or birds.

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Knotless bird netting

Knotless bird netting with transparency is a very effective netting to exclude pests, birds from garden and orchards to prevent the damage.

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Garden bird netting

Garden bird netting is a good choice for gardeners to protect plants, flowers, and fruits not destroyed or eaten by the greedy and nasty pests and birds.

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Anti-Bird Netting Makes Pest Birds Away

Since its foundation in 1998, Anping County Wennian Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. has committed to serving gardeners, orchardists, farmers and other people who are confused about bird attacking. By now, our company has built long-term and reliable cooperation with many customers from North America, Western Europe, Mid-east and Africa. Many customers have been our regular clients for bird exclusion nettings make their customers or end users satisfied with not only qualify but also competitive prices.

What products do you supply?

Roughly, we have been focusing on providing anti bird nettings to distributors, supermarkets and retailers oversea. Bird nettings can be broadly used in gardens, agriculture, orchard and buildings.

  • Knotless netting and knotted netting
    Both are very effective in controlling pest birds. Knotted netting has higher break strength; while knotless netting allows more light to go through. In addition, black, white and green are available for your choices. These qualified nettings are used as fruit cage netting or used in residential or commercial areas where birds are unwanted.

  • Extruded netting
    Extruded netting is a kind of cheap and entry-level bird netting. It is so light that can directly cover on the plant. Butterfly netting, pond netting and typical garden bird netting belongs to this catalog.

  • Polypropylene and polyethylene netting
    These two types are added high-level UV stabilizer. They can resistant to the elements, moisture environments and corrosive surroundings.

  • Nylon bird netting
    Nylon netting is often used in commercial areas for its superior break strength and performance. Knotted and knotless are available.

  • Hail Netting
    It is frequently used to protect crops, orchard and gardens from hail stone attacking. Besides this, it is can be used as shade cloth, windproof net and anti bird netting.

  • Trellis Netting
    Trellis netting is an optimum choice for vine plants. Tomatoes, peas, beans and cucumbers will yield more when trellis netting is installed.

A black garden bird netting with square mesh for strawberry protection.
Hot Products
Nylon bird netting, 3/4 inch mesh size for commercial usages.

Nylon bird netting has a longer life span and higher break strength. The two pros makes it ideal for residential and commercial usages to keep pigeons out.

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White fruit cage netting supported by frames covers a berry tree in case of bird pecking.

Fruit cage netting is available in 1/2 and 3/4 inch to block most birds out. Knotless and extruded netting in black, white and green are at stock.

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A black garden bird netting in a woman's hand, 1/2 inch square mesh protecting strawberry.

Garden bird netting is a cheap and effective anti bird netting. It is made of extruded and knotless polypropylene with high level UV stabilization.

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What are the advantages of bird exclusion netting?

  • A cheap and humane alternative
    Unlike other bird controlling devices, bird netting will do little or no damage to birds. Some birds are not allowed to kill according to the law.

  • Easy installation
    Bird netting are very light and can be easily to be tied to frames. In addition, it can be cut into small sizes to match your special purposes.

The popular products size and use

  1. Black color knotless and extruded fruit tree netting 50 foot by 50 foot section for a cherry tree that will be 16 to 18 feet high and wide.
  2. Square knotted HDPE net from twisted rope with rope diameter 1 mm - 1.2 mm, mesh sizes 50 mm × 50 mm, 70 mm × 70 mm, 80 mm × 80 mm, 90 mm × 90 mm, net color beige and light grey, used for aviary zoo.
  3. 50 feet by 50 feet net 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch mesh in black knotless and black extruded.
Bird netting makes full use of physical barrier to keep birds out of crops, gardens and unwanted areas. Birds carry many diseases and infect people by droppings.
Bird netting guidance helps you to choose the right bird exclusion netting. Extruded, knotless and knotted are available alternatives.
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